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Fiduciary Statement:

An investment adviser has a duty to always act in the best interest of its clients. It should not engage in any activity in conflict with the interest of any client and it should take steps to eliminate all conflicts of interest that might incline it to provide advice that is not impartial. If it cannot eliminate such a conflict, then it must fully disclose the conflict. It should also take care to avoid misleading its clients in any way and it should provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts. Generally, facts are “material” if a reasonable investor would consider them to be important in determining to do business with the adviser. The duty of addressing and disclosing conflicts of interest is an ongoing process and as the nature of an adviser's business changes, so may the relationship with its clients.

Firm Statement
As an investment adviser, J2CM owes its clients specific duties as a fiduciary:

  • Collect suitability and investment profile information;
  • Provide advice that is suitable, appropriate, and in the client’s best interest;
  • Give full disclosure of material facts and any potential or actual conflicts of interest to clients and prospective clients;
  • Serve with loyalty and in utmost good faith;
  • Exercise reasonable care to avoid misleading a client; and
  • Make all efforts to ensure best execution of transactions.

J2CM seeks to protect the interest of each client and to consistently place the client’s interests first and foremost in all situations. It is the belief of this investment adviser that its policies and procedures are sufficient to prevent and detect any violations of regulatory requirements as well as of the firm’s own policies and procedures.

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Investment Strategies

We use a proprietary process known as Risk-Adjusted Relative Strength. We apply this process across our ETF and Individual Stock models attempting to identify the next leaders with the least amount of risk

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Investment advisory services offered through J2 Capital Management, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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